CasketGirl (casketgirl) wrote in comiccon,

New Community

So I created this community because I couldn't find one that already existed. And, honestly, as a somewhat new comic-con attendee, I wanted advice on things like where to stay and what to do. My first comic con was last year and I felt entirely over-whelmed and under-prepared. I hope to fix that this year.

Unfortunately, I seem to have already been out-foxed in regards to staying in a better hotel. Last year I made resevations pretty late and stayed in this over-priced hotel that was 10 blocks away. My feet and my wallet really hurt at the end of the day. I resolved to do better this year. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of waiting for the Comic Con website to post the hotels. I finally got tired of waiting and went to Expedia. Surprise! Everything that's close is already sold out. I guess no one actually WAITS on the Comic Con website. (sigh). Lesson learned. I now have a room that's seven blocks away. At least i'm closer than last year. :)
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